How to install Dirt Bike Graphics like a Pro

How to properly install dirt bike graphics

Best way to install dirt bike graphics

If you have been riding your dirt bike for quite some time now, chances are, various things might happen. You may start getting bored with your old graphics or end up needing new ones for your ride. Either way, learning how to properly install dirt bike graphics is a must.

But first, what’s inside a dirt bike graphics kit?

While some riders think installing new graphics on dirt bikes can be daunting, getting a semi-custom kit can do the trick. It lets you choose from a wide selection of custom colors, standard logos, graphic design layouts, types of finish, and even text styles & colors. The usual semi-custom graphics kits contain graphics for radiator covers, rear fender, lower fork, rear swingarm, front fender, and number plates.

Here are some tips and tricks to install your dirt bike graphics

When it comes to graphics installation on dirt bikes, there are things that you need to consider.

  • Do not install the dirt bike graphics in a cold or damp area
  • Clean the surface first before installing the graphics
  • Remove dirt, oil, and old adhesives from your machine’s plastic
  • Pay special attention to the edges when applying the graphics


best way to install dirt bike graphics

Preparation and installation

  1. If removing existing decals before installation. Remove your seat and set to the side. 
  2. Then, you may proceed by heating the existing graphics using a hairdryer or heat gun to remove most of the decals.
  3. Once you get the old graphics off your dirt bike plastics, make sure to clean them thoroughly with Alcohol. This will give the new graphics a clean surface to adhere to. (DO NOT USE BRAKE CLEANER) This will deteriorate the glue of the new decal.
  4. Work in a warm space, at least 20 Degrees celcius. Align the graphic by using a reference point such as a bolt hole and an edge or corner.
  5. Work from the center outwards to help prevent trapping air in the decal. Slightly heat to press down hard contours or hard edges, sealing them from lifting.
  6. Once the installation is done, park your dirt bike at a steady temperature of 20° C. to ensure the best results. 24 hours later re-heat any edges or hard contours to ensure a long lasting secure bond!

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Watch a video of Lexi and Danika installing M7 Designs co Dirt Bike Graphics